7 Way debate results

3 polls, 3 completely different results – naturally the one used by my bookie was the only one that resulted in my losing money XD

So who won?  Sturgeon vs Miliband should of been an easy win for Miliband, but he either LOST! or he drew…  a draw from what should of been an easy win.

Cameron melted under attack from all of the other 6 during the first half of the debate, and failed to come back strongly enough in the second half.


BBC Politics ‏@BBCPolitics 15m15 minutes ago
YouGov #leadersdebate poll:
28% favoured Sturgeon
20% Farage
18% Cameron
15% Miliband
10% Clegg
5% Bennett
4% Wood


BBC Politics ‏@BBCPolitics 12m12 minutes ago
ComRes #leadersdebate poll:

21% favoured Cameron
21% Miliband
21% Farage
20% Sturgeon
9% Clegg
5% Bennett
2% Wood


BBC Politics ‏@BBCPolitics 10m10 minutes ago
Guardian/ICM #leadersdebate poll:

25% Miliband
24% Cameron
19% Farage
17% Sturgeon
9% Clegg
3% Bennett
2% Wood


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