Anti-Islamic march cancelled due to terror threat

Oh, you can’t make this shit up.


The PEGIDA movement – often called ‘a bunch of far right neo-nazi’s’ by places like the Guardian (which my Guardian to English dictionary informs me means that like UKIP they suggested that immigration may be something of an issue.) – anyway, the PEGIDA movement have been forced to cancel their rally opposing Islamic terror because of…  ‘Specific threats against a member of the organising committee by a known terrorist’.  Now some may say that they are overplaying the threat in order to garner sympathy, and they may well be right – after all there is only a very real threat of one person being brutally murdered, hardly grounds for cancelling a Monday evening get together now is it!

IB TIMES: Islamist terrorists are plotting to attack rallies held by Germany’s far-right Pegida movement, according to intelligence sources.

(Badly translated from) Das Spiegal: According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, foreign intelligence services had warned the German authorities, jihadists have on attacks against Pegida marches discussed

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