BBC News – Most British Muslims ‘oppose Muhammad cartoons reprisals’

Sure BBC, more than half do, but 11% openly support the Paris attacks, and 8% admit to knowing people that strongly support AQ… But hey, let’s not mention those little trivial details as they are only a couple of hundred thousand people afterall – barely worth mentioning.

I know Muslims who feel strongly sympathetic towards people fighting for IS and al-Qaeda – 8% agree

Yes, it’s a little more worrying than the BBC headline makes out, isn’t it? For example, if you apply the full poll data of this Radio 4 poll, to the 2011 UK census figure of 2,700,000 UK Muslims, you get some interesting alternative headlines that the BBC would prefer not to go with:

-1,377,000 UK Muslims feel that Clerics preaching violence against the west are in touch with mainstream Muslim opinions and are justified. (51%).

-540,000 UK Muslims feel that Islam can NEVER be compatible with liberal western values. (20%).

-162,000 UK Muslims don’t believe they should obey UK laws. (6%)

-162,000 UK Muslims feel a disloyalty to the UK. (6%).

-297,000 UK Muslims believe that any organisation publishing offensive cartoons DESERVE to be attacked. (11%)…

-further, 648,000 UK Muslims believe that any violence against those organisations is justified. (24%).

-864,000 UK Muslims weren’t even surprised by the Paris attacks. (32%).

-837,000 UK Muslims want their children going to an Islamic state school. (31%).

-162,000 UK Muslims wouldn’t report a planned attack of violence they knew about. (6%).

via BBC News – Most British Muslims 'oppose Muhammad cartoons reprisals'.

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