France upholds the ban on paternity tests

Don’t worry! There’s no mistake in the title. It is true – French men are forbidden by law to attempt to find out whether the child they are paying for is in fact their child or not. In fact, it has been illegal for men to attempt to find out if their child is theirs for many years. But a few days ago, the ban was challenged once again–and the government upheld the ban.

Is it really a surprise that a socialist government disagreed that men have human rights too?

What’s even more striking is that there is NO mainstream media mentioning this, albeit the law is on the books and available for everyone to read[1].

In theory, paternity tests are still legal, but only under a court order, with the explicit consent of the mother and under a strict supervision by the State. Annually, the French courts issue roughly 1500 orders for paternity tests. 1500 – that’s it! And the number is going down as the courts become more and more reluctant to issue such orders.

via France upholds the ban on paternity tests.

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