GreenPeace Pirates

Yargghh that dasterdly pirate crew known in activist circles as GreenPeace, and, with their Pirate vessel the Arctic Sunrise carried out a successful boarding of a Gazprom offshore arctic Oil rig. That is, if you think Greenpeace being successful means getting all their activists locked up in a Russian Prison for the next 15 years for Piracy. The internet seems pretty sure that Russian prisons are hell on Earth and far worse than the already terrible ones you find in the United States.

Captain Peter Willcox, Pirate leader of the infamous Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise, and his band of Activists were arrested on the high seas trying to board the Gazprom arctic ofshore oil mining rig.
Peter Willcox, along with his not-so-merry greenpeace men, Peter Ball and Anthony Perrett (that are as we speak sitting in a russian jail cell) sing a Happy little activist pirate sea shanty yarrgghh!

Captain: Are ya ready Greenpeace?
Crew: Aye, Aye Captain!
Captain: I can’t heaaar You!

Captain: Oooooooo who fights for the creatures all over the sea?

Captain: Who’ll chase those fisherman whereever they be?
Crew: Green Peace Pirates.

Captain: If nautical Oil ya be wanting to mine.
Crew: Green Peace Pirates.

Captain: We’ll board ya vessel and hang up a sign!
Crew:: Green Peace Pirates.

Captain + Crew: Greeen peace pirates, Green peace pirates, Green

peace. PIRATES!