If we don’t vote for any of them, they might just go away – Peter Hitchens

There is still more than a month to go before this national festival of lying and evasion is over.

Can we bear it? Did anyone but paid professionals and obsessives stick it out to the last bucket of Thursday’s weird quiz show?

First the eyes glaze over, then the brain, then the whole body. The automatic checkouts at the supermarket are less predictable.

In an age when we can go on the internet to punish bad restaurants and hotels, oughtn’t there to be a way of punishing these people, too?

Imagine what would happen to a restaurant which, when you ordered steak, took an age to bring you a plate of lukewarm baked beans, accompanied by a platoon of spin doctors to tell you that this is what you really wanted, and to point out that the establishment next door was even worse?

I have an idea. At every future Election, there should be a slot, at the top of each ballot paper, in which we can put a cross against ‘None of the below’.

via If we don’t vote for any of them, they might just go away – Mail Online – Peter Hitchens blog.

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