iPhone 6 plus succesfully upgraded to Windows XP!

Man in china has succeeded in upgrading an iPhone 6 Plus to Windows XP

Translated (badly) courtesy of Google.

[the latest developments] Today many fronts Friends say the mirror I provide feedback to 12 minutes to install when prompted Explorer return error, taking the time to read the next noon indeed Thus, the modified mirror when I ignore something caused here with you to say sorry.Currently, the system has been able to run a lot of 98 games, and I am testing perfect, perfect after a thorough release, this will not be the same as yesterday so hurry now. Please Shaoanwuzao, first put several views for everyone to see, what specifically can play the game I continue to test ing. PS: As some media outlets my posts, in order to fight the eye privately with the title does not indicate the source of exaggerated forgive me this picture comes back watermark Below is running “Paladin 98 tender version of” screenshots production Suppliers logoopening animation into the game Lee aunt style remains Survival Song pick it haha LZ is now at work, modify the good image I will release in leisure time, this can be considered toss it so far, I will follow-up with the use of leisure time with friends A write an emulator running XP, ios end if completed will be the first time to share with you in Wei Feng network forum, do please look forward to Oh!