Israel – Palestine Peace talks going great!

Great news everyone! The Israel Palestine peace talks are going great! Israel has announced that they are all set to promise to release 104 prisoners, maybe, at some point in the future, that they previously promised to release in 1999 (yes, 14 years ago). Also, something entirely unrelated to peace negotiations, Israel is building hundreds of new building on Palestinian land! Wow free houses for Palestinians! THAT is a huge gesture of friendship by Israel! ….. What was that? Palestinians won’t be allowed to live in the new houses built on their land? Only Israeli Jews will be allowed in them? And Palestinians will be forced to stay away by more armed Israeli troops permanently garrisoned on Palestinian land.. /sigh. Well maybe there will be peace next decade…

Mahmoud Abbas negotiates peace with Israel, while Israel announces big new settlement expansions into Palestinian territory to celebrate how well the peace negotiations are going.

Mahmoud Abbas – I was going to complain about Israel’s actions on the west bank. But America vetoed me.