Leaders’ debate Poll of Polls – Cameron wins by a whisker

This piece by the Daily Mail belies the fact that the polls were all over the place…  Almost every poll declared a different winner, the percentages varied wildly – the only real lesson is that pollsters can’t accurately poll a debate.


Ed Miliband’s hopes of using an historic seven-way TV debate to catapult him into Number 10 floundered last night, as he was overshadowed by David Cameron, Nicola Sturgeon and Nigel Farage.

The Labour leader fell flat during the marathon two-hour clash, and was left lost for words after being challenged on live TV by Nick Clegg to apologise for Labour crashing the economy.

A raft of opinion polls produced mixed results on who had ‘won’ the contest, with some backing Miss Sturgeon and others putting Mr Miliband ahead.

But a ComRes survey carried out moments after the debate finished showed that 40 per cent of voters think Mr Cameron is ‘most capable of leading the country’, with Mr Miliband trailling on 28 per cent.

In another blow for the Labour leader, one poll suggested he was beaten by Scottish Nationalist Miss Sturgeon, who is set to make huge gains from Labour north of the border, shattering Mr Miliband’s hopes of a majority on May 7.

via Leaders’ debate sees David Cameron escape unscathed | Daily Mail Online.

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