Obama closes Silk Road

President Obama has closed down the Anonymous Bitcoin website Silk Road. He hopes that by preventing safe anonymous distribution of drugs he can help return the lucrative illegal drug trade back to troubled communities that are desperately in need of Jobs. Returning drug dealing to the local level will not only mean hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the sales sector, but also jobs in the gangland enforcer business and the gun industry.

Obama announces that his closure of the anonymous Bitcoin marketplace known as Silk Road, is actually part of an innovative new job creation program aimed at boosting jobs in troubled communities, while at the same time giving a much needed boost to the gun industry.

Barrack Obama: “Shutting down of the website known as ‘Silk road’ was the first step in my new jobs program. We expect our action to drive a huge upsurge is local, small town business activity. People returning to buying from the street corner vendors not only helps create jobs in the community, but we also expect a boom is the gun sale and gangland shooting sectors. “