Old Holborn wins

“No case to answer. Bloody ludicrous, I wish these idiots would stop complaining” says nice man at the CPS  (@OHWinsagain)


Much to the annoyance of the haters of annoying and hateful troll Old Holborn it turns out that being an annoying jerk is not a criminal offence in the UK (although if Ed Miliband gets his way with the new Press Regulations, that may well change).

Despite numerous complaints to the police from erm, we’ll call them ‘the counter-troll trolls’, the Criminal prosecution service didn’t just drop the cases against him, but were more than a little annoyed that people had wasted their time with such spurious accusations.  Hopefully the next time the Mary Whitehouse’s of the world don’t just jump on their high horses to attack those that insult them, but run down to the police station, hopefully, they will get egg on their faces and be prosecuted for wasteing police time.

Strangely, posting insults and threats on Twitter is seen as possible criminality.  This is rather odd because anyone who’s used Youtube seriously will call such insults and threats ‘your average Monday’, as the internet people gradually annoy and insult each other – which naturally leads to more annoyance and insulting.