Private Eye Hp Sauce: A tale of two kitchen cabinets

So Mr. Gove  BOTH your houses were your second home…  letting you buy 2 houses full of fixtures and fittings all at our expense.


You’d hardly guess from this that when her hubby, Michael Gove, was elected to the Commons they spent more than £7,000 in five months furnishing a London house – using the additional costs allowance for second homes to do so.

Among items claimed from public funds were a Loire table worth £750, a birdcage coffee table (£238.50) and birch Camargue dining chairs (£432). Other claims included a dishwasher (£454), an oven (£639, presumably with all its knobs intact), a fridge freezer (£702) and a Kenwood toaster (£19.99). They also billed taxpayers for four breakfast knives, eight coffee spoons and cake forks, worth £5.95 each.

A few months later, the Goves bought a house in his Surrey constituency which they then designated their second home instead of the London property, and used the allowance to kit that out as well. In fact, in each of the three financial years from 2005/06 until the expenses scandal blew up, they claimed almost the annual maximum, a sum that amounted to more than £66,000.

via Private Eye Hp Sauce: A tale of two kitchen cabinets.

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