Repaste: Gone (Bitcoin) Fishing

Real banks, with real money, and real regulations and laws to back them up have big problems with scammers and con men.  So naturally you would expect just about every scam ever seen in the traditional financial sector to be played out once more with bitcoins (with the added bonus of no real chance of prosecution)

Naturally the easiest and cheapest con-trick, the fishing email, is ripping people off – but don’t be fooled, the real money is from scamming the trading market.  An old trick of reporting false trades to raise the prices (even easier if you run the market! and there is nothing stopping conmen from operating bitcoin exchanges) is almost certainly behind some of the dramatic price spikes seen in the last couple of years – some people are making millions undermining bitcoins.

Anyway, here;s a repaste of a bitcoin fishing email that is being spammed about.. though it’s just the tip of the iceburg:


Dear Bitcoin Member,
Bitcoin has made considerable progress and improvement, it has become the leading e-currency and its services are being improved continuously.
Recently we have estabilished a very important relation with leading Forex traders from Tokyo and we decided to give a special offer to you:
GET 500% Bitcoin Address bitcoin RETURN IN 1 Hours !
Investment plans below:
1 – 4 BTC we return in 1 hours 300%
5 – 9 BTC we return in 1 hours 350%
10 – 100 BTC we return in 1 hours 500%
Investment Example:
You send deposit 1 BTC  we return 3 BTC
You send deposit 5 BTC  we return 17,5 BTC
You send deposit 10 BTC  we return 50 BTC
You send deposit 100 BTC we return 500 BTC
You need to make spend deposit to Bitcoin Forex Investment Address: 18PyfH1AqV2DbEweh6USf1HYg7D9HuC2Uf
Login your bitcoin account or software / Send Money  (Coins).
Investment Address: 18PyfH1AqV2DbEweh6USf1HYg7D9HuC2Uf
The minimal deposit is 1 Bitcoin, while the maximum deposit is 100 Bitcoin per member.
The 300%-500% payout will be made back to your Bitcoin Address in 1 hours.
The payout is IMMEDIATE, GUARANTEED and there is NO RISK from losing your bitcoin.
This opportunity will not last long, so you must react quickly.
Deposits are accepted until Nov. 23  2013 00:00 (GMT).
Please DO NOT reply to this e mail.
Thank You.
Best Regards: and Tokyo forex partnership.
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