The Pole Tax: Why It Costs More To Be A Man – Breitbart

As a degenerate homosexual I don’t worry about too much about the appalling biases built in to marriage and divorce settlements. But I don’t blame middle-aged men for being outraged about grasping women who, with the backing of the courts, screw their husbands out of thousands after their marriages end.

I’m sympathetic, too, to organisations such as Fathers4Justice, which are routinely and cruelly ridiculed but which advocate, perfectly reasonably, for a more equitable approach from the courts when it comes to child custody.

But it’s young men, especially in those in college, I’m the most worried about: the sort of men who have done the cost-benefit analysis on marriage and will probably never even go there.

via The Pole Tax: Why It Costs More To Be A Man – Breitbart.

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