‘The wrong sort of feminist’


Students have forced stand-up Kate Smurthwaite to cancel a gig tonight – because she’s the wrong sort of feminist.

Campaigners had planned to protest her performance because they disagreed with her views on decriminalising prostitution – even though her show had nothing to do with the issue.

Ironically, it was about free speech.

The issue arose from some students who disagreed with Smurthwaite’s support for the Nordic Model on prostitution, which decriminalises those who sell sex and criminalises the purchase of sex. The students from the college’s Feminist Society support legalisation of the sex industry.

Because of this difference of opinion they threatened to picket the event – causing security to pull the plug because they ‘could not guarantee the safety of students’.

Goldsmiths Feminist Society held a vote on whether they should support Smurthwaite’s appearance. Although 70 per cent voted in favour of the show going ahead, the losing minority reportedly announced they were going to form a picket line anyway, prompting security fears.

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