@TotalBiscuit Extra Credits slander

During his panel, James stated that I was a “leader of Gamergate”. I would like to know exactly what constitutes this. Does a leader set an agenda for a group? One imagines they have to be involved in that group, perhaps the hashtag, they have to give out orders and objectives. Can you prove that I have done any of these things? Indeed if I recall correctly I have used the hashtag twice, once in a Thunderclap and once in a purely descriptive context regarding Blizzcon. At no point have I ever engaged with the hashtag or had conversations within it, not that that’s a sin in any way even if I had. Have I declared myself a leader of this, thing.. whatever it might be? Absolutely not, indeed I’ve stated in several occasions that it appears leaderless by necessity, due to the very attempts at character assassination that we see levied at any and all with any prominence that would dare speak up for the people (yes, a reminder that these are people not subhumans you get to bully) involved and suggest that maybe, they actually have a point and you should engage them like adults while freezing out trolls and 3rd party bad actors. So the claim that I am a leader of anything other than my own channel is spurious at best, you can quibble over it but I have never declared it, nor ever attempted to mobilize this hashtag or this movement in any way for any specific goal.

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