What makes a moderate Muslim?

Does a moderate Muslim find this acceptable?  Probably not.  Does a moderate Muslim believe in free speech, equality for women and western freedoms?  Some do, many do not.


But when people say moderate Muslim they think they are saying exactly these things, but they are not…  What are moderate Muslims then?

“Are you a moderate Muslim?” In the Pre-9/11 world would of been a simple and straight forward question that got the answer everyone expected, post 9/11 that changed a little…  now you may as well be asking “Are you a moderate Muslim, or are you an evil terrorist plotting to kill us all that should be sent to Gitmo?”  Naturally this resulted in something of an upswing in the numbers of self-described moderate Muslims in the world.

It is more obvious when you look at countries that have little to no ‘actual’ moderate Muslims like Afghanistan.  Afghanistan has a large and growing number of moderates the MSM regularly tell us – by which they mean “People who don’t want to kill us”…  Would these moderates want the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo killed?  I would say that more than likely for the most part they do.

There are moderate Muslims living in the west that tick all the boxes that the at The Guardian think of when they say Moderate – but they are certainly not all, and there is a long uphill struggle if we want to face up to that reality and change it.  This is of course made harder and harder as more people are brought in from places like Pakistan and we have to begin again from zero in the long process of integration.