White men should never hold elected positions in British universities again – The Independent

Oh dear, it seems that crazy people have taken control in the NUS (National Union of Students).  They recently announced that they are banning clapping because some people find it ‘triggering’ (if you don’t know what that is I advise you to not look up how this word is used in todays universities… as it will undermine your faith in humanity).  Instead of clapping they will encourage people to use ‘jazz hands’ to show appreciation in stead…

Now The Independant, a major mainstream newspaper has seen fit to give this group of outrage seekers a forum in their paper…  and it has been used to put into print one of the most outrageously racist articles published in a main news source in the UK within the last 50 years.

We need to ban white men and their activism dilettantism from student unions. We need powerful women and minority ethnic people to bring their passion back to the heart of student politics. Being a student union president should no longer be a place for privileged whiteboys to swing their dicks around before graduating into a world that is in no way affected by what they claim to fight for.

More importantly, we obviously live in a world that looks favourably on white men. In order to bring about change in our racist and sexist society, it must start in our universities. If women and minority ethnic people were in positions of leadership across all universities in the country, we would have a diverse graduating class of future leaders in every industry.

“Oh but, it’s racist to ban someone on the basis of their skin colour, and sexist to ban them on their gender,” cry the assembly chorus of confused souls trying to turn the language of progress into a weapon to further entrench the establishment. It’s not. You’re at university, go and ask a humanities professor. Learn something. 

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