White Widow

Samantha Lewthwaite, internationally wanted felon.  She was the wife of the 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay, and claimed to be an innocent clueless housewife, so the UK courts didn't prosecute her even though it was likely that she had prior knowledge of the attacks.  Since then she's married again, this time the friend of a suicide bomber than blew himself up in Israel in 2003, oh and she's wanted for posession of explosives and organising attacks.. and she matches the description of the women that carried out a hand grenade attack.
With her prior knowledge of the 7/7 attacks, if she was a man the courts would of thrown her in jail for life, saving the world from the harm she has caused.  The gullable prosecuters though fell for the innocent housewife act hook line and sinker.

“Ha ha.  If I was a man I would of still been in prison because I didn’t tell anyone that my husband was going to carry out the 7/7 bombings!  Luckily I’m a women, so the UK courts let me go free, free to help organise the Kenyan Westgate shopping mall attack he he.”