World celebrates as Tyrannical Saudi Arabian Despot die

King Abdullah, Absolute Monarch, Murderous dictator, Religious extremist, rich..  One of those made Abdullah a friend of America.

New Saudi king vows no abrupt policy shift regarding dictatorship, murder of Apostates, Supporting extremism.

Cheers have reverberated around the world as the evil despot of Saudi Arabia finally died.  Famous for his regimes torture of political opponents and executions of hundreds of people that disagreed with the despots religious interpretation.  In 2008 alone over 100 men and women were executed for Blasphemy as Saudi Arabia once again proved that its leaders long for the good old days of 800AD.

Despite all his atrocities some idiots like John Kerry have come out and called the dead absolute Monarch a ‘reformist’ – despite Saud still being a society that is in many ways 1000 years behind most of the rest of the world…  Perhaps the vast amounts of money that the 90+ children of the old Saud king has appeals to America’s one true love.

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